Amateur Teens


Additional Film Info

Switzerland, 92 mins, Swiss German
1:2.35 (Cinemascope) DCP, 25fps
5.1, Subs: English, French, German

Synopsis & Trailer

SELIM, a second-generation immigrant of Turkish descent, is in love with SABRINA. But he doesn‘t really know how to approach her as he has never yet slept with a girl. His friends ADI and JAN urge him to finally do it and be rid of his virgin-status. Selim actually wants to go slow but he‘s really suffering from peer pressure.

Sabrina feels attracted to Selim but is afraid of seeming uncool by going with a boy of her own age. Her best friend, MILENA, doesn‘t think anything of the lads at school. She finds attracting the attention of more experienced guys more exciting and boasts of having a 23-year-old chat- partner to whom she hides her real age.

LARA is new at the school and tries to make friends, but the girls find her uncool and cyber-mob her. Lara discovers that Jan lives on her estate and wins his attention by challenging him to a dare. Jan is fascinated by Lara but remains hesitant because of her bad image.

Adi, who likes to play the experienced dude to his friends, wants to sleep with Milena but his attempts to woo her fail pitifully. Inspired by clips on, Adi decides to get over it by visiting a sex club with Jan. Selim doesn‘t want to come along. He‘s got a date with Sabrina and is planning on seducing her.

Selim, Adi and Jan all fail in their plans. In their frustration they meet up at Adi’s to watch the Champions League game. Jan invites Lara. For her as an outsider it’s a welcome opportunity to finally be accepted. But at the ensuing party the euphoria slides into fatal escalation…

Niklaus HilberNiklaus Hilber
Born in 1970 in Fribourg, Switzerland Niklaus studied directing at NYU Tisch School of the Arts and screenwriting at the American Film Institute in Los Angeles. Since 1998 he works as a screenwriter and director and lives in Zurich.
Filmography (as director)
2015 Amateur Teens, feature, 92’, writer & director,
co-writer: Patrick Tönz, produced by A Film Company (CH)
2014 Aimless, TV-feature, 89’, writer & director,
co-writer: Patrick Tönz, produced by HesseGreutert Film (CH)
Swiss TV Prize 2015 for Joel Basman as Best Actor, Nomination Prix Europa 2014, Nomination Fernsehpreis Baden-Baden 2014
2006 Cannabis, fiction, 83’, writer & director, co-writer: Paul Steinmann, produced by Vega Film (CH)
2003 Chaos and Cadavers, fiction, 83’, Autor und Regisseur, co-writer: Drew Bird, produced by Matador Pictures (UK) & Zodiac Pictures (CH)


Directors, Producers and Crew

Director Niklaus Hilber
Screenplay Niklaus Hilber, Patrick Tönz
Producer Valentin Greutert
Associate Producers Fabio M. Steinemann, Alexander M. Hübner
Editor Benjamin Fueter
DoP Tobias Dengler
Production Design Sophie Stalder, Sophie Reinhard
Costume Design Tanya Sonderegger
Makeup Adrienne Chauliac
Production Sound Jan Illing
Sound Design & Mix Ramón Orza
Production Manager Maja Sánchez Ruiz
1st AD Thomas Kaufmann
Casting Corinna Glaus, Thomas Kaufmann, Jessica Hefti, Aurora Jouffroy
Acting Coaches Marc Schmassmann, Lena Lessing

SELIM - Fabrizio Borsani, born 1998
LARA - Annina Walt, born 1996
SABRINA - Chiara Carla Bär, born 1997
MILENA - Luna Wedler, born 1999
ADI - Benjamin Dangel, born 1999
JAN - Jérôme Humm, born 1999
ALINA - Zoë Pastelle Holthuizen, born 1999
FATIMA - Fayrouz Gabriel, born 1998
KEMAL - Veton Hamza, born 1996
DAVE - Nicolas Heini, born 1999


Zurich Film Festival 2015, Audience Award
Tallinn Film Festival 2015