5 Shells

United States, 2011


Melodromatic Eagle Productions, English, 97mins

Dolby 5.1


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After a global financial apocalypse a young girl must protect her older sister as they walk across a desert wasteland with only a shotgun and 5 shells for defence.

Cast & Crew

Producers - Victoria Lubomski, Jordan Grady

Co-Producers - Brennan Shroff

Featuring - Kelsey Hutton, Eve Kozikowski, Lincoln Mark, Chad Brummet

DoP - Robert Stoetzel

Editors - Paul S. Myers

Music - Jeff Mercel

Production Managers - Eric Munk

Paul S. Myers

Paul S. Myers


Paul Myers is a screenwriter, director, editor, and producer that currently resides in Brooklyn, who often writes his bio in the third person and always looks longingly into the middle distance in pictures. After graduating from NYU Film School in 2000 his senior film Putnam made the festival rounds starting at the CineVegas Film Festival in 2001.