Seven Days

Italy, Switzerland, 2016


Italy, Switzerland, 2016

Peacock Film AG, Solaria Film, Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen, RSI, Arte, Movimento, 96mins





Ivan and Chiara meet on a Sicilian island to prepare the wedding for Ivan’s brother and Chiara’s best friend. Despite the fact that Ivan is determined not to repeat the failure of his last relationship and Chiara does not want to jeopardise her marriage, the two fall in love with each other. They resolve to live their relationship for only a few days and then break it off when the wedding guests arrive on the island. However, they made such a plan, without taking love into account.

Cast & Crew

Producers - Elena Pedrazzoli, Emanuele Nespeca, Mario Mazzarotto

Featuring - Bruno Todeschini, Alessia Barela, Marc Barbé, Linda Olsansky, Gianfelice Imparato, Aurora Quattrocchi

Screenplay - Rolando Colla, Olivier Lorelle, Nicole Borgeat, Héloïse Adam

DoP - Lorenz Merz, Gabriel Lobos

Editors - Nicolas Chaudeurge, Rolando Colla

Music - Bernd Schurer

Rolando Colla

Rolando Colla


Born in 1957 in Schaffhausen, Switzerland. Joint Swiss and Italian citizenship. Since 1978 lives and works in Zurich. Professional activities include screenwriting, acting and production management. Since 1983 screenwriter and director for commissioned films. 1984 Founds Peacock Film AG. 1985 Receives degree in German studies and Romance languages from the University of Zurich. Since 2002 Lecturer at the EICT (Escuela Internacional de Cine y Television) in San Antonio de los Baños, Havana, Cuba. Swiss Film Prize «Quartz 2012», Best Fiction Film and Best Screenplay for “Summer Games”.

1978-80 script and main actor in "Fiori d’autunno" and "L'Alba"(feature, fiction) by
Fernando Colla
Script (Co-Auhor)
2009-12 „UNTER DER HAUT“ fiction by Claudia Lorenz
2012/13 „LIEBE UND ZUFALL“ fiction by Fredi Murer
1993/94 „JAGDZEIT“, fiction, 40 min.
1996-98 „LE MONDE A L’ENVERS“, fiction, 100 min.
1999 „EINSPRUCH“, short film, 4 min.
2000 „EINSPRUCH II“, short film, 7 min.
2000 „OLTRE IL CONFINE“, fiction, 104 min.
2002 „EINSPRUCH III“, short film, 9 min.
2006 „MARAMEO“, TV-Movie, 90 min.
2007 „L’AUTRE MOITIE“, fiction, 89 min.
2016 „IO SONO GAETANO“, TV-Movie, 92 min.
„W.“, documentary, ca. 100 min (in production)
„WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW ABOUT ME“, fiction, (in development)
2003-04 „OPERAZIONE STRADIVARI“, TV-Movie, 89 min.
2004 „EINSPRUCH IV“, short film, 10 min.
2007 „EINSPRUCH V“, short film, 7 min.
2011 „GIOCHI D’ESTATE“(SUMMER GAMES), fiction, 101 min.
2012 „EINSPRUCH VI“, short film, 17 min.
2002-12 „DAS BESSERE LEBEN IST ANDERSWO“, documentary, 90 min.
2016 „SETTE GIORNI“, fiction, 96 min.