Tamta Khalvashi

Tamta Khalvashi


Tamta Khalvashi is professor of Anthropology at Ilia State University in Georgia. She obtained her PhD in Anthropology from Copenhagen University (2015)
She has been awarded postdoctoral fellowships from Fulbright Program at New York University, Department of Anthropology (2016-2017) and Cornell University, the Society for the Humanities (2022-2
Her research interests are located in the overlap of experimental anthropology, documentary filmmaking and cultural anthropology.

Currently Tamta is finalizing her book Peripheral Shame: Afective City and Nation on the Margins of Georgia as well as the documentary film will of Frames.
She is an author of A Sea of Transience: Politics, Poetics and Aesthetics on the Black Sea Coast (with Martin Demant Frederiksen).

She was instrumental in finishing feature film project Drawing Lots after director Zaza Khalvashi passed away in 2020.