8 Views of Lake Biwa

Estonia, Finland, 2024


Allfilm, BUFO, 120mins


Dolby 5.1


In Post Production


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On the shimmering shores of Europe’s otherworldly edge, two teenage girls, Hanake and her best friend are discussing their first love interest while gazing out at yachts sailing to Kyoto. They whisper prayers and poems, the language of their longings. But the magic is fading in their isolated fishing village as they come to terms with a recent disaster, with some indulging in acts of erotic art, some in spiritual spells. It becomes clear that intimacy alone won’t help them process their loss.
In a deeply visceral tale, acclaimed Estonian director Marko Raat explores themes of love, illuminating the lives of a community who still believe that they are connected to the universe.

Cast & Crew

Producers - Ivo Felt, Dora Nedeczky

Screenwriter - Marko Raat

Co-Producers - Mark Lwoff, Misha Jaari

Marko Raat

Marko Raat


Marko Raat is an Estonian film director with a plethora of documentaries and films spanning a two decade career. He has curated and designed exhibitions, directed at Von Krahl Theater , taught at EKA and BFM, wrote film criticism, designed the permanent exhibition "Estonian Encounters" in the new building of the Estonian National Museum, and is an author of audio-visual solutions.

He has directed the films "For Aesthetic Reasons", " Agent Blue Neck ", " Knife " , " Toomik's Movie ", "The Snow Queen ", "Old News of Fast Eddy" , "Funeral Diaries" and "8 Views of Lake Biwa".