Amateur Teens

Switzerland, 2015


A Film Company, 92mins

DCP 1:2.35 (Cinemascope)

Dolby 5.1


Zurich Film Festival, Tallinn Film Festival


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A group of teenagers at a secondary school in Zurich yearn for love, acceptance and sex. But the power of social media, with its high-gloss selfies and perpetual pressure towards cooler and sexier, increasingly forces the ids to deny their true feelings and they are pushed towards fulfilling the fantasies they see on their screens. As things spiral our of control, it becomes almost impossible to differentiate between perpetrator and victim, responsibility and desire.

Cast & Crew

Producer - Valentin Greutert

Screenwriter - Niklaus Hilber, Patrick Tönz

Co-Producer - (Associate) Fabio M. Steinemann, Alexander M. Hübner

Featuring - Fabrizio Borsani (Selim), Annina Walt (Lara), Chiara Carla Bar (Sabrina), Luna Wedler (Milena), Benjamin Dangel (Adi), Jerome Humm (Jan), Zoe Postelle Holthuizen (Alina), Fayroux Gabriel (Fatima), Veton Hamza (Kemal), Nicolas Heini (Dave)

Cinematographer - Tobias Dengler

Costume Design - Tanya Sonderegger

Niklaus Hilber

Niklaus Hilber


Born in 1970 in Fribourg, Switzerland. Studied directing at NYU Tisch School of the Arts and screenwriting at the AFI (American Film Institute) in Los Angeles. Since 1998 works as screenwriter and director. He lives in Zurich.

As director:
2015 Amateur Teens
2014 Ziellos
2006 Cannabis – Probieren geht über Regieren
2005 Chaos And Cadavers
1993 Leo Schlitz
1993 Nat’s Noise