Around Luisa

Belgium, Switzerland, 2017


Alina Film Sarl, Neon Rouge, Local Films, RTS, 85mins


São Paulo International Film Festival 41a Mostra Internacional del Cinema, Competition


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Luisa, a 40-year-old singer, and her companion Julien, a guitarist and composer, have had a group together for many years. One day, her father – whom she has not seen since she was a teenager – comes to see her after a concert. The encounter, during which he tells her he is seriously ill, unsettles Luisa. She begins to look differently at the life she leads.

Cast & Crew

Producer - David Epiney, Eugenia Mumenthaler, Aurélien Bodinaux, Nicolas Brévière

Screenwriter - Olga Baillif

Featuring - Pieta Brown, Bertrand Belin, Fabrice Adde, Thibault Frisoni, Mélissa Acchiardi

Cinematographer - Gabriel Sandru

Music - Bertrand Belin

Costume Design - Geneviève Maulini

Olga Baillif

Olga Baillif


Olga Baillif was born in Genève and she lives and works in Brussels, where she studied at the INSAS. Baillif’s work is predominantly documentary and it’s been shown, among others, at the Festival International du Film Francophone (Namur), Cinéma Tout Ecran (Genève), Arte and TéléBruxelles. (Argos festival 2004 catalogue).