Granny’s Dancing On The Table

Denmark, Sweden, 2015


Nordic Film Factory, mins


Dolby 5.1


Toronto International Film Festival - World Premiere, 
San Sebastian Film Festival (New Directors) - European Premiere


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Eini is growing up isolated from society in the forest with her violent father, a man afraid of the world. He does everything he can to make her believe that the world outside and the people out there are evil, fearing the offset of her puberty and womanhood. Despite the brutality she is exposed to, she created a world of her own from which to draw the strength to survive.

In this part animation fable, Eini exposes the unflinching resolution of childhood innocence.

Cast & Crew

Producer - Helene Granqvist

Screenwriter - Hanna Sköld

Co-Producer - Valeria Richter

Featuring - Blanca Engström (Eini), Lennart Jähkel (Father) Karin Bertling (Granny), Briten Granqvist (Lucia)

Cinematographer - Ita Zbroniec-Zajt

Music - Giorgio Giampà

Costume Design - Åsa Lieberath

Production Manager - Rebecca Bergman, Corinne Johansson

Hanna Sköld

Hanna Sköld


Hanna Sköld is co-founder of Tangram Film, a production company set up in 2007.

Granny’s Dancing on the Table is Hanna Sköld’s second feature film. Her recent short Lady Crush had its world premiere in 2011 at Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas. Sköld started her work with audience participation during the online distribution of her first feature film Nasty Old People in 2009. The film was spread online in Hanna Sköld writer and director 113 countries, and the audience participated in the distribution through translation of the subtitles, organizing screenings, and donating money to the film. She has a Masters Degree in film from Valand Academy Film in Gothenburg. Hanna Sköld is exploring new ways to create, finance and distribute her films through interaction with her audience, using transmedia and crowdfunding.

Hanna became aware of innovative distribution when making her first film, which premiered on Pirate Bay, after which it was the Doris Prize. As a result, Nasty Old People received global attention in the media. Pirate Bay became Hanna's start to start working on interactive cultural projects.

With the Granny’s Dancing on the Table project she won the ARTE Power to the Pixel Pitch Prize in London 2010, MEDEA’s Co-Production Prize in Sweden and MEDIA’s European Talent Prize for Best Script in Cannes, both in 2011.

As Director:
2016 Granny’s Dancing on the table (Farmor Dansar på Bordet)– Fiktion 97 min,
2013 Hilma Fiktion 15 min, Primodrom
2010 Lady Crush (tantlängtan) Fiktion, 12 min, Good World & Tangram Film
2009 Nasty Old People Fiktion, 84 min, Good World & Tangram Film.
2007 Last supper (Sista måltiden) Fiktion, 9 min, DV, Tangram Film
2006 Time for tea (Tid för Te) Fiktion, 13 min, DV, Tangram Film

As Producer:
2016 Samproducent Granny’s Dancing on The Table, Interaktion och animation
2008 The Participant, (Deltagaren)Regi: Vanja Sandell Billström, Tangram Film
2016 Kritisk Pedagogik, Akademin Valand
2014 Filmiska Processer 2 - Akademin Valand. Magisterkurs
2013 Offentlighet och entreprenörskap - Akademin Valand, Magisterkurs
2011 CrossMedia Lab #3 at BoostHBG i HBG, del av Torino Film Lab
2010 Nordic film lab på Göteborgs filmfestival
2010 Manusworkshop på BoostHBG med Valeria Richter
2009 Sources 2
2007 Katapult Screenwriting workshop, Budapest, Nasty Old People
2006 Manus för film och interaktiva medier, Broby Grafiska, Sunne
2004 Skurups folkhögskola, filmlinjen
2001 Malmö Högskola, Moving Images

Hanna has researched various types of interactive, collaborative work on "Granny's Dancing On The Table" including a successful crowdfunding campaign that
funded parts of the film. The project was also the recipient of the ARTE backed main prize at Power to the Pixel in London.

Her screenplay for granny won the MEDIA European talent award for best script in Cannes in 2011. Hanna also works as a stop motion animator and teaches this at the Valand Academy.