The Soul Of The Tigre

Switzerland, 2016


P.S. Productions Sarl, Tarantula Belgique, Banshee Films, RTS, 88mins


2.1, Dolby 5.1


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Alex, a young man of Chinese descent, feels like a free man on the top of a mountain, living in Paris with his French girlfriend. When he suddenly has to face the mysterious death of his brother, he returns to his family in the Chinese district of Paris. Unable to follow the rites and traditions of his family, he feels estranged from his father's heritage, something he parted ways with a long time ago. With the help of his beautiful and disturbing cousin Lily, and coping with his own ignorance of his father’s culture and language, he tries to unravel a family secret. Will he be strong enough to forgive the past and to reconcile with his family?

Cast & Crew

Producer - Xavier Grin

Screenwriter - François Yang

Co-Producer - Joseph Rouschop, Philippe Lacôte

Featuring - Frédéric Siuen, Xin Wang, Audrey Bastien, Bing Yin, Marianne Basler, Yvan Yan, Ariane Wang

Cinematographer - Daniel Miller

Music - Benjamin Violet

Francois Yang

Francois Yang


Francois Yang is a Swiss-French director born in Fribourg (Switzerland), of Chinese descent. He graduated from ECAL (University of Art and Design, Lausanne), cinema department in 2003, and completed his education at la Fémis (French national film school) He directed several documentaries and award winning fictions exploring both cross-cultural and cross generational themes.