Out Of Paradise

Mongolia, Switzerland, 2018


Hesse Film (Zurich), 99mins


Dolby 5.1


Solothurn Film Festival, Shanghai International Film Festival (Best Film)


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Dorj and his heavily pregnant wife Suren live an idyllic nomadic life on the Mongolian steppe, but as Suren develops complications during childbirth, the local doctor advises them to venture into the capital city to seek medical attention. With no official documentation they find themselves unable to cover the medical fees and Dorj must pawn their wedding belongings before signing up to a local karaoke contest. A heart- warming and feel-good road movie about the clash between nature and the urban world. Out of Paradise is as much a love story as a reflection on our modern ways of living.

Cast & Crew

Producer - Simon Hesse

Screenwriter - Batbayar Chogsom

Co-Producer - Cyril Gerber, Batbayar Chogsom, Urs Fitze

Featuring - Bayarsaikhan Bayartsengel, Enerel Tumen, Adiuabaatar Rina, Eredenetsetseg Tsend-Ayush, Bayanmunkh Purevjav, Oyun-Erdene Jamiyan

Cinematographer - Simon Bitterli

Music - Urs Bollhalder



"Absolutely worth watching."

IFF Fribourg

"Out of Paradise provides 100 minutes full of humanity and anxiety."

Sennhauser Film

"Multi-layered, enthralling and always surprising."

Shanghai FF

"Plain but not simple, honest and poetic."

Batbayar Chogsom

Batbayar Chogsom


Batbayar Chogsom was born on 2 June 1974 in Mongolia and emigrated to Switzerland at the age of 26. After completing a basic programme in journalism, in 2012 he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences from the University of Zurich. He went on to work as an archivist in the National Museum Zurich’s graphics and historical photograph collections. He is married, has two children and lives in Rapperswil in the canton of St. Gallen. Out of Paradise is Batbayar Chogsom’s debut film.