Remember To Blink

Lithuania, 2022


Fralita Films, mins


Warsaw Film Festival (Competition), Tallinn Black Night (Baltic Competition)


"French couple Jacqueline and Leon (Anne Azoulay and Arthur Igual) decide to adopt a pair of siblings from Lithuania. Since the children do not understand French, the couple hire a young girl, Gabriele (Dovile Kundrotaite), to initially help as a translator. Gabi, as the children call her, is supposed to be just a mediator for the family, but her role starts to change and the girl finds a new, strange power in her growing influence over the kids." Ion Cinema

Cast & Crew

Producer - Živilė Gallego, Line Producer: Viktorija Seniut

Featuring - Dovilė Kundrotaitė, Anne Azoulay, Arthur Igual, Inesa Sionova, Ajus Antanavičius

Cinematographer - Julius Sičiūnas

Music - Domas Strupinskas

Costume Design - Monika Vėbraitė

Production Manager - Justė Vazgytė

Colorist - Jonas Sunklodas

Austėja Urbaitė

Austėja Urbaitė


Austėja Urbaitė was born in 1991. She grew up surrounded by nature, in a small village near Vilnius, Lithuania. In 2010, she began studying film directing at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre. Her student short film entitled The Etude (Etiudas, 2013) earned considerable attention, and was a prelude to her highly acclaimed debut short, The Bridges (Tiltai, 2015). Both of these movies received numerous nominations and awards on the film festival circuit. Remember to Blink (Per Arti, 2022) is Austėja’s first feature film.