They Chased Me Through Arizona

Switzerland, Poland, 2014


Ventura Film (Switzerland), Lava Film (Poland), RSI, SRF, Polish, 84mins

DCP, 1,1:85


Locarno, Shanghai IFF, Solothurner Filmtage, Freistadt, Fünf Seen Filmfestival


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The analogue era is over and apparently, so is Leonard and Marbella’s marriage. Leonard’s last task is to dismantle the telephone booths scattered over the countryside. For this job he gets a driver – Ben – a convict on parole. The two men drive among flat landscapes and postindustrial sites in a pick-up truck. Leonard’s only refuge from manoeuvring in the unmapped territory of human connections becomes an old western novel.

Cast & Crew

Producer - Elda Guidinetti, Andres Pfaeffli

Screenwriter - Matthias Huser, Aurelius Eisenreich

Co-Producer - Agnieszka Wasiak

Featuring - Leonard Krzysztof Kiersznowski, Ben Eryk Lubos, Marbella Halina Skoczyńska

Cinematographer - Gabriel Sandru

Music - Nicolas von Ritter-Zahony

Costume Design - Małgorzata Karpiuk

Production Manager - Karolina Mróz



"The first feature film from Matthias Huser, screened at Locarno in the Cineasti del presente competition 2014, amazes thanks to its captivating and mysterious aesthetic universe - A captivating movie soaked in black humour that moves us deeply."

Matthias Huser

Matthias Huser


Born in Switzerland in 1979. Trained as a visual artist and film director at the University of Arts and Design Zurich and at the University of New South Wales/ CoFA Sydney. His short films has been shown at various international festivals: Festival de Cannes, Berlinale, Palm Springs, Calgary etc. They Chased Me Through Arizona is his first feature film and he is an alumnus of the Cannes Film Festival's Cinefondation.

2004 Das Schwarze Boot / The black boat – shortfilm
2005 Hunde/ Dogs – shortfilm, Official Selection Cinéfondation, Cannes, nomination First Steps Award, Berlin
2006 Rakete/ Rocket – shortfilm
2008 Ferry Wheel – shortfilm
2009 Genti Gegan – shortfilm
2012 Men, Women, Work – shortfilm
2014 They Chased Me Through Arizona – feature film Filmmakers of the present Competition, Locarno Film Festival