Bayou Blue


Additional Film Info

Pink Ghetto Productions Inc. & Swiss Petite Films
USA, 80Mins, Stereo, HD, RED

Synopsis & Trailer

From 1997 to 2006, serial killer Ronald Dominique, raped and killed twenty-three men in poverty stricken Southeastern Louisiana. Difficulties in apprehending Dominique ranged from the underfunding of law enforcement to a lack of family advocacy for the victims, to the general distraction by other catastrophes, such as hurricane Katrina. Bayou Blue meditates on the decay of a community, a decay that allowed one man’s darkness to fester into something truly horrifying. It is a portrait of one American region’s descent into darkness.

Directors, Producers and Crew

Directors/Producers: Alix Lambert, David McMahon
Cinematography: Shane Sigler
Editing: Hannah Neufield
Sound: Ian Lindl
Music: Michael Mattison


International Documentary Film Festival, Amsterdam 2011
London Film Festival 2012
American Film Festival 2012