Joshua Tree, 1951: A Portrait Of James Dean

France, United States, 2012


Iconoclastic Features, Jay-X Entertainment, MGDB Productions, English, 92mins


Seattle, Palm Springs, Reykjavik, Guadalajara, Ghent


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Joshua Tree, 1951 is a fearless, intimate portrait of James Dean on the cusp of becoming both a great actor and an outsider icon. Set in the early 1950s and focusing on Dean’s experiences as a rising star in Los Angeles, part portrait of a great artist, part love story, part exploration of the postware Hollywood machine, the film’s surreal and dreamlike vignettes blend biographical and fictionalized elements to present pivotal moments in his short yet remarkable life.

Joshua Tree presents a side of James Dean seldom glimpsed and redefines him for a new generation.

Cast & Crew

Producer - Edward Singletary Jr, Randall Walk, Robert Zimmer JR

Screenwriter - Matthew Mishory

Co-Producer - Alexa Coblentz, Paul Lee,

Featuring - James Preston, Dan Glenn, Dalilah Rain, Edward Singletary, Jr, Erin Daniels, Clare Grant, Robert Gant

Cinematographer - Michael Marius Pessah

Music - Arban & Steven Severin

Costume Design - Rob Saduski

Production Manager - Lauren Cribb

Matthew Mishory

Matthew Mishory


Filmmaker and commercials director Matthew Mishory was named a “rising talent” by Variety. His second feature, the documentary Absent, was filmed in the remotest reaches of rural Moldova in the former Soviet Union. It was designated a “must-see” film by Cineuropa. Cine Maldito named Absent one of the top ten films of the year.