Night Guard

Mexico, 2016


Avanti Producciones, Vigilante Cine, 76mins


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Salvador works the night shift as a security guard in a construction site on the outskirts of Mexico City. During the course of one particular night, while the nation celebrates Independence Day, Salvador tries to leave the site repeatedly in order to attend an important engagement elsewhere, yet a series of absurd and improbable situations turn the night into a bizarre and exhausting experience.

Cast & Crew

Producer - Diego Ros, Yossy Zagha, Jack Zagha, Laura Pino

Screenwriter - Diego Ros

Featuring - Leonardo Alonso, Ari Gallegos, Noé Hernández, Héctor Holten, Bryan Mateo, Lilia Mendoza

Cinematographer - Galo Olivares

Music - Miguel Hernández, (Composer: Theme) Diego Aguirre

Costume Design - Maria Guadalupe Perez

Diego Ros

Diego Ros


Diego is a filmmaker based in Southern California. As an editor, He has cut hundreds of commercials for brands like Toyota, Gatorade and Nestle and agencies like BBDO, JWT and Saatchi & Saatchi.