The Dreamer

Peru, 2016


Animalita, Flamingo Films, Insolence Productions, 80mins

ArriRAW 2K, 2.39:1


Berlinale - Generations, Lima FF


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Sebastian is a young man immersed in a life of petty crime in Lima, Peru. With his gang of delinquents frequently breaking into industrial buildings to steal money, he relies on his imagination to escape the shackles of his narrow existence. The quiet one, he often gets teased by the group. One day he accidentally injures his friend Jaen in a fight and finds he no longer has a place to turn. Seeking tenderness in Jaen’s younger sister Emilia who sits by her brother’s hospital bedside, he dreams and plans for their escape but soon becomes unable to distinguish between reality and fiction and he must choose between his fantasy or the fate that has been written for him.

Cast & Crew

Producer - Carolina Denegri

Screenwriter - Adrián Saba

Co-Producer - Pascaline Saillant

Featuring - Gustavo Borjas (Sebastian/Chaplin), Elisa Tenaud (Emilia), Herbert Corimanya (Samuel), Valentin Prado (Yara), Eugenio Vidal (Jaen), Manuel Gold (Teta), Tatiana Espinoz (Mother)a Kid … Adrian Du Bois Orphanage Director … Milena Alva El Chino … Luis Kanashiro

Cinematographer - Cesar Fe

Music - Nuria Saba

Production Manager - Diana Castro

Adrián Saba

Adrián Saba


Adrian Saba (Lima, 1988) studied film at Hofstra University with a Fulbright scholarship and graduated with his thesis film El Río in 2010. His debut film, El Limpiador, premiered in 2012 in the New Directors competition at the San Sebastian Film Festival where it received the Jury’s Special Mention...